Payroll Services

MassInfosys take the pain out of the payroll management process of diversified companies by taking care of the following pointers for clients like -Attendance Management-Online/Offline, Leave Management – Online/Offline, Salary Processing, Tax Computations, Payroll Compliance Computation and Reimbursements Audit & Approval.

Why you should outsource your MASSINFOSYS payrolling process?

A tons of reasons for a organization to outsource the payrolling process, Here are some reasons why outsourcing is a better option for clients:

Time Consuming: MassInfosys Payrolling is a time consuming process which can be done away to invest time on other operations.

Productivity: MassInfosys burden of Payrolling removed, HR Team can focus on doing more productive things

Payroll Technology Insight: A good Payroll-Service Provider will know all the ins & outs of payroll-related tax laws globally.

Ensures compliance: MassInfosys ensures the compliance is difficult for larger firms to keep track of statutory deposits and to file returns

Accuracy: Payroll mistakes are painful. Erroneous and late filings result in penalties. Delegation to experts thus ensures better accuracies

Cost: An in-house payroll service is a money burner

Employee and Employer dashboards for communications and observation: MassInfosys employs interactive tools to ensure the following like HR Information viewing, Personal, Professional & Educational information of employees, Updated & maintained information of employee details and Data back-up of employee history

Real Time Management Tool: MassInfosys is real time payroll management tools gives the clients a holistic picture of employed manpower and their payroll related data.

Attendance: MassInfosys capture employee turnout, bulk upload of attendance data and details viewable to employee

Online Leave Management: MassInfosys leave balance management, carry forward & lapse, Manage leave time available, leave taken vs. leave approved and Online Leave Apply/Approval/Rejections

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Payroll Services