Contract hire (Whom you need, when you need):

Changing business dynamics demonstrate that the requirement for people in organizations is often driven by need and is often project-based and temporary. Moreover, statistics also show that it is more feasible for companies to hire on a temporary basis in various situations.

Our quality customized solutions ensure that you get to hire and retain employees for the most relevant timeframes. Moreover, our solutions ensure that you reduce costs on hiring/training and operations, enabling you to continue focus on your business areas.

Our team of contract hire staffing experts assist by,

  •  Bulk Resourcing to match company requirements
  •  Creation and maintenance of backend resource pool
  •  Management of seasonal/flexi-workforce
  •  Providing hassle-free conversion from temp to perm, if the need arises

Though the services are for temporary staffing, we ensure that our solutions are permanent. A scientific method for recruitment is thus put into practice. Our process begins by understanding the company’s workforce requirements, sourcing, and screening, interviewing and recruiting temp staff.

Our solutions give companies the ease and leverage to work more effectively with their team. Based on terms and conditions, it is also made much easier for clients to hire, work with and retain/remove temporary employee teams.

Contract Hire